3rd Christian Reformed Lynden, WA


3rd Christian Reformed Church in Lynden, Washington begins installation of their rebuilt and expanded pipe organ on June 11th, 2018.   The original  16 rank Moller organ from 1958 had begun to show signs of its age, a failing relay and leather pneumatics meant it was time for the church to do some work.  A final decision was made in November of 2017 to rebuild six ranks of the original organ and integrate it to an Allen G230.  We maintained the 8′, 4′, and 2′ Principal Chorus; the 4′ Spitz Flute; the Gedeckt playable at 8′ and 4′, and the 8′ Trumpet.  This in addition to the Allen stops puts the organ at 51 stops.  We removed the organ in March of 2018 and began the rebuild of the chests and winding system while Allen was already building the new console and pipe relay.  Stay tuned for more during and after the installation.